Why G-Suite Hits Our G-Spot

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As a small business, we have to force ourselves to be obsessed with efficiency. We’re always looking for programs that will help us tweak our systems and refine our business processes. We’ve had lots of trial and error and ups and downs, but like a fine wine, we have only gotten better over time. Our taste in collaboration tools is pretty high-end these days, and we’re here to tell you all about one tool that has officially stolen our hearts: G-Suite by Google.

Below are three reasons why we’re loving the suite life!

3 Ways We're Living The Suite Life with G-Suite

Stop. Collaborate and Listen. Collaboration is the key ingredient to what makes G-Suite so yummy. And you can’t collaborate effectively without sharing. G-Suite allows us to continue our collaboration in an out-of-pocket fashion. With emails, files, photos, calendars, and contacts all in the cloud, it’s easy to stay on top of projects together and to keep the collaborative, creative process moving. Plus, if we need to collaborate with a client or potential customer, G-Suite allows us to do this with their dope sharing features. Dr. G understands that sharing is caring.

Take Your Work On The Road. Our team works so well together when we are in the office at the same time, but that’s not always realistic. We have families, we have dogs and we have other responsibilities that typically involve tacos and beer. We are only human, after all! G-Suite allows us to work from anywhere, and we mean anywhere – phone, tablet, computer, the library, the grocery store, the bathroom (‘cus we all know that’s where the best ideas are born). Its ease of access and user-friendly interface makes working remotely super simple. And, like many small businesses, we often want and need to collaborate with people who are not ever in our office (shout out to our web-developer extraordinaire, Melissa J. Clark in Toronto!), and G-Suite makes that even easier.

Last but not least- Version Control. Does this scenario sound familiar to you? A document is being emailed back and forth, and versions 1 through [what feels like] 867 have been sent over the course of two days, multiple people are ‘replying all’ to the emails, forgetting to attach the file, and you basically want to drink gasoline until you pass out and forget you chose to be a designer. If this is you, we feel ya, we’ve been there (and, disclaimer, we don’t really encourage you to drink gasoline). Instead, turn to G-Suite! They can give you one document, hosted on one site, with multiple people being able to make their changes in real time. No attachments required. All iterations are recorded and kept track of and everyone can collaborate (there’s that c-word again!) at once with ZERO emails being sent. Yes, zero.

We know. It’s earth shattering.

So there you have it – a few of the many reasons why we made the switch to G-Suite! To put it plainly, they just make us better.

Have you made the switch to G-Suite yet? If so, share what you love (or don’t!) about the suite life below!

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