Why White Space Is The Bomb.com

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Do you have your listening ears on, kids? Because we can’t stress this concept enough:

Less Is More.

Minimalist design seems simple, right? Well — on a philosophical level, yes. On a technical and creative level, no. People tend to overthink it and overthinking it leads to overdoing it. And overdoing it can lead to over-stressing which leads to over-drinking and that’s just bad.

One solution? Use your white space. What the heck is white space, you ask? Technically, white space is negative space — or space left unmarked. We love how Treehouse summed up the definition of white space on their blog:

White space…. “is also the blank space that reminds us that simpler designs are beautiful and that we don’t need to create a layout filled with text and graphical elements to deliver a clear and direct message.

Read on to learn why we here at Braizen whole-heartedly believe white space is the bomb.com!

It gives your design the room to breathe – so it can live! White space allows your design something we wish we had more of in our daily lives… some breathing room. Simply put, ample white space makes words easier to read and pictures easier to see. White space helps to bring the main objective of your design into view for the user. And, if they can see your design – they are more likely to remember it, purchase your products, etc. Which brings us to our next point.

It allows you to work it-work it. Every company is trying to sell something. Bringing your product, objective or goal straight to forefront is going to help your business in tremendous ways. But you can’t do this without some good ‘ol white space. Without white space, your website/packaging/logo will look cluttered and your mission unclear. You have a short window to capture your customer’s attention — and if you haven’t noticed — the attention span isn’t great in our day and age of smartphones and social media (that’s another blog post entirely). Anyway — work that white space and see how it pays off!

Because it doesn’t have to be white (and we love feeling like we are breaking rules!) You heard us right. Your white space doesn’t have to be white. Say what???! We know — this is a bit confusing, but you know all that white space we’ve been talking about? Well, it doesn’t actually have to be white. I mean, we love literal white space in design — but by definition, white space is simply space left blank — so that blank space can be on point with your brand colors. As long as it’s left free of elements, graphics, etc. Ya follow?

White space holds a place near and dear to our artsy fartsy hearts and we hope it does (or will!) for you too. Do you have an example of some awesome use of white space? Share it with us in the comments below!

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