When should you rebrand?

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Rebrand. All the cool kids are doing it. Maybe you’ve considered giving it the old college try or maybe you’re not one to give in to peer pressure so easily. Either way – we’re here to talk about the many reasons why a company might rebrand. To explore the question, “When should I consider a rebrand?”.

Getting a fresh look. Ok, listen. We are firm believers in the old saying “looks aren’t everything”, but we don’t lie when we say first impressions are important when you’re wooing a potential customer. Your logo, colors and website are like your storefront. If people are intrigued by what they see, they’re going to open the door and come in. If you look like hot mess rainbow barf — they won’t. This ain’t rocket science, y’all!

After your business has been in, well business, for a while – it’s smart to take a step back and evaluate how your look and voice is directly affecting growth, sales and your relationship with customers/potential customers. You might be surprised that what you started with doesn’t really fit with where you see your company long-term. If so – it’s probably time for a rebrand.

Massaging the messaging. Sometimes a re-brand makes sense because you’re ready to cast a larger net and reach more customers. You might be happy with your overall look and feel — but due to adding more products or services – you need to tweak your branding. Making even minor changes to your brand guidelines or voice can have a major impact. Your baby rebrand effort might only address the copy on your website — or maybe you want to consult the Pantone for crisp new color palette. These small changes can go a long, long way.

Embracing evolution. Do you believe in evolution? We sure do! The marketplace is constantly evolving, and in this crazy-fast digital age, it is easy to become obsolete. We run out of breath just scrolling through our Instagram feed sometimes because it can make you feel like you’re in a race. Don’t even get us started on the actual news headlines.

Rebrands are crucial if you want to remain relevant in this rapidly evolving business world we all {{happily}} cohabitate in. If your numbers are slipping, and the competition around you is thriving — consider a rebrand.

Disclaimer. Rebranding is not easy and is best left to professionals — because sh*t can get out of hand quickly. Lucky for you, we know a guy.

Have you ever rebranded your business? If so, what were your reasons? Share them and any other opinions on rebranding in the comments below!
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