The cost of cheap WordPress website hosting

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With website hosting, you really get what you pay for. The cheaper hosts nickel and dime you for everything. On a budget host, you have to pay for backups, SSL certificates (to run your website on HTTPS), and security monitoring. Those costs add up.

At Braizen, we work with lots of entrepreneurs and small business owners. We know you have a lot going on. When you opt for cheap website hosting, you’ll have more shit to keep track of. You’ll have one bill for your hosting, one for your backup service, one for your SSL certificate, and maybe even bills from your web developer to set it all up.

💰Time is money

On cheap hosts, you have to pay for the SSL certificate … and it’s not easy to install it. You’ll need to hire a web developer to install it for you.

Compare that to managed WordPress hosts like Flywheel and WPEngine. They make it easy to enable HTTPS on your website. In a few clicks, you can install the SSL certificate and set your website to run using HTTPS.

Poor backups

A good backup service makes it easy for you to revert to an earlier version of your website. On cheap hosts, they’ll charge you a fee to do this, or just give you the files. If they just give you the files, you’ll need a web developer to help you.

Slow website speeds and downtime

A survey of Canadian media consumption by Microsoft concluded that the average attention span had fallen to eight seconds, down from 12 in the year 2000.

– New York Times

The average attention span is eight seconds. In our experience, cheaper hosting can result in server downtime and slower page load times.

Comparison: Namecheap vs. Flywheel

Let’s compare a cheap host (Namecheap) to a managed WordPress host (Flywheel). At first you’ll see that Namecheap is only $9.88/year, and Flywheel is $165/year.

Shared hosting (Namecheap)

  • Hosting – $9.88 for the 1st year, $38.88 after that
  • SSL – on sale: $88.88/year, regular: $145
  • Jetpack Backup service – $36/year
  • Security Monitoring (Sucuri) – $199/year

Total fees: $334/ first year, $419 after that

Managed WordPress host (Flywheel)

  • Hosting – $165/year
  • SSL – included / free
  • Daily backups – included / free
  • Security monitoring – included / free

Total fees: $165/year

So, Namecheap seems like a great deal, right? But, when you consider the prices of backups, SSL certificates, and security monitoring … Flywheel* is actually cheaper.

Our recommendation

We recommend managed WordPress hosting to all of our clients. It’ll cost more than shared hosting, but you get what you pay for.

If you’re not on a managed WordPress host (e.g. Flywheel* or WPEngine*), we recommend Jetpack’s Personal plan for backups. It’ll back up your website everyday, and includes a one-click restore button.

Featured image by Trent Erwin on Unsplash.

*This blog post uses affiliate links. That means if you click the links and sign up with WPEngine or Flywheel, we get a little bit of money. 💰 We only recommend services we trust.

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