Understanding Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is an amazing tool for understanding your website. At Braizen, we connect it to every website we design. But, it has SO much information. We know it can be overwhelming.

In this blog post, we are answering questions from our clients. Comment below if you have more questions. We love nerding out on Google Analytics. 🤓

Our favorite plugin for Google Analytics on WordPress

MonsterInsight’s amazing WordPress dashboard report.

We love the Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin by MonsterInsights. The free version includes a great analytics dashboard in your WordPress admin. It also includes settings for tracking events such as clicks or downloads.

The premium version of the plugin offers a dashboard widget, a real time view, and tools for tracking eCommerce data.

Things to remember when reviewing Google Analytics reports

  1. Double-check the date range in the top right corner. The default will show the last seven days. The last day in that view will always be yesterday. Update the date range to include today if you want to see today’s data.
  2. Try adding a secondary dimension. This adds more information to your report. For example, if you are looking at common landing pages, you could add a secondary dimension of Source/Medium. This will add a column showing how people got to that landing page.

Common Google Analytics Questions

We received some great questions from our clients. Let’s dive in!

1) How can I find out where my website traffic comes from?

Use the Source/Medium view to see where your website’s traffic is coming from.

  • In Google Analytics, go to Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium
  • “The Source is the place users are before seeing your content, like a search engine or another website. Medium describes how users arrived at your content” – Google

2) Where can I see which pages are most popular?

  • In Google Analytics, go to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages
  • This report will show you the most visited pages on your website. Review the Pageviews column to see the number of views for each page.
  • The Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages report may also be useful. This report shows the most common entrance pages on your site.

3) What page do most people leave my website from? (when do they get bored)

  • These pages are called Exit Pages in Google Analytics.
  • In Google Analytics, go to Behavior > Site Content > Exit Pages
  • This report will show the last page someone viewed before leaving your website.

4) What pages do people send the most time on?

  • Go back to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages
  • Click the Avg. Time on Page link in the fourth column. This will sort all the data by the average time on the page.
  • Look on the bottom right for the “Show rows” setting. Adjust this to see more rows of data.

5) What links do people click on my website?

  • Important: event tracking is not set up by default on Google Analytics. We use the MonsterInsights plugin to enable it on many of our client sites. So don’t be alarmed if you don’t have this feature.
  • To check if you have it, go to Behavior > Site Content > Events > Top Events
    Click the Event Action option. This will show you the URL of any external links that were clicked on your website.
  • This report is an amazing way to see what content people are interacting with on your website.

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