Unbreakable Love Stories

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You know what we love more than rum drinks and unicorns? How about when amazing and talented past clients come back to grow their businesses with us. So, you can bet we were over the moon when Tami Garber of Tami Melissa Photography gave us a holla to help update her photography branding (a brand that we created for her years ago) to better represent her studio’s new direction …

Which brings us to something else that can make us ignore unicorns and completely forget about rum drinks (hey! it’s possible!) … a great love story. You see, Tami’s new vision for her photography business was to bring her second shooter to the forefront and share her photographic adventures – that photographer is her husband, Ryan and the adventures take them all over the world, capturing their clients’ love stories. With that, Tami Melissa became Tami & Ryan. Isn’t that the sweetest! It’s just a great big love fest and we are so happy to be a part of it!

To make this brand work, we knew we’d have to capture and communicate what makes Tami and Ryan, and the experience they give to their clients, so unique. A big part of that is Tami’s and Ryan’s own love story and how it serves as the motivation for everything they do, including their photography. Additionally, we wanted to create a look that was professional and sophisticated enough to appeal to their target demographic. The result was a clean, text-based logo with a touch of hand-drawn script (that ampersand, tho!) a warm and romantic color palette, and some illustrations that went the extra mile to make it clear that this is ALL about LOVE!

With all of those awesome branding goodies, we created a custom website that excels at both form and function. It tells a great story about Tami and Ryan and the amazing work they do for their clients and serves as an excellent virtual front door for their business. Through this project, we have fallen in love with Tami and Ryan all over again and are looking forward to watching them excel in this new direction. We know this is one love story that will indeed be unbreakable.

Braizen-Design-Tami-And-Ryan-Branding-1 Braizen-Design-Tami-And-Ryan-Branding-2 Braizen-Design-Tami-And-Ryan-Branding-3 Braizen-Design-Tami-And-Ryan-Branding-5 Braizen-Design-Tami-And-Ryan-Branding-4Braizen-Design-Tami-And-Ryan-Branding-6 Braizen-Design-Tami-And-Ryan-Branding-7 Braizen-Design-Tami-And-Ryan-Branding-8 Braizen-Design-Tami-And-Ryan-Branding-9

Everything looks amazingly perfect! I can’t believe we got it so quickly! It really encompasses everything that we were hoping for! I am SO thrilled! :) Thanks SO much!!

Tami Garber

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