Tyrie Smith: 10 Braizenly Weird Facts

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In an effort to help you get to know the Braizen team a bit better, we’re posting some little known facts about our team – facts that you will probably wish you didn’t know by the time we wrap up this series. To start us off, here are some little-known idiosyncrasies about our branding guru and copywriter extraordinaire, Tyrie:

My guilty pleasure is  young adult fiction (see Hunger Games, The Host, Leviathan, etc.).
I think bowties are cool.
My cat is Jewish.
I inherited a hat fetish from my gypsy grandmother.
My not-so-secret desire is to have a BS in Physics by the time I’m 45.
One of my comfort foods involves boiling arthropods and then sucking out their brains.
My ideal Saturday morning is Irish breakfast and a 10 am futbol match at the pub.
I’m the madman responsible for 73.2% of the OED.
I just lied.
I’m out of my tree.

Tyrie Smith: out of his tree

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  1. Alicja Colon
    aww - I love getting to know you a bit more! You're a fun guy. Not to mention brillant!!!

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