Tony Asgari

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Seattle lifestyle photographer, Tony Asgari takes great care in using his craft to tell his clients’ stories. For him, photography is a creative outlet and passion that helps balance his more mundane duties as an accountant and finance specialist. He loves partnering with the couples he photographs to develop a narrative in pictures that communicates the many facets of their relationships. Likewise, he teams up with his seniors to capture the story of that very special time in their lives.

We get the whole storytelling thing because that’s exactly what we aim to do with every brand we build – for Tony, it was no different. We needed to create a visual representation of his business – a story that would appeal to his primary clientele, the soon-to-be-wed clients, as well as the young people preparing to graduate to the next chapter of their lives that he sometimes photographs. To that end, we merged sophistication with touches of fun and adventure to best reach his top demographics.

Tony Asgari Logo Design by Braizen •  Photo by Tony AsgariToni Asgari Photographer Branding, Logo & Identity Design by BraizenToni Asgari Photography Logo Design by BraizenToni Asgari Photographer Brand Icons by BraizenToni Asgari Photographe Brand Identity by BraizenToni Asgari Photography Branding by Braizen

Photography by Tony Asgari.

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