The New Braizen is Here.

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The new Braizen website is here. And its about damn time, too! With our busy schedule it’s a wonder the thing ever got done, but it sure feels good. This new website is over a year in the making. We decided a new site was in order almost immediately after launching the last site (I blame that whole responsive movement), so a plan has been in place for a while now, but things really started hopping last year after we were able to acquire We’ve simplified things quite a bit. We’ve been able to hone in our perfect client and our portfolio now highlights the awesome relationships we’ve built with those amazing people. Be sure to meet our family and don’t forget to adopt a unicorn.

Take a look around and let us know what you think!

The New Braizen Responsive Website Design

P.S. HUGE, GINOROUS Thank you to Anne Almasy for all the awesome team and office photos sprinkled throughout the new site!

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  1. Did I not say I love this? I love it!

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