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These rainy days weeks in Georgia have us reminiscing on this time last year. Ah …. The sun… the sushi… the traffic…the Randy’s Donuts…the hiking…the struggle of trying to pry Amber away from Venice Beach (that was no small task, we will have you know!). AND NO RAIN!!  Let’s hear three cheers for Throwback Thursday!!

So…. why did we dip out to the other side of the country, you ask? Well, bc we have freakin’ amazing clients, that’s why!! And when two of those amazing clients invite you to a dinner party, you pack your bag, jump on a plane and take your ass to California!  It’s kinda a no brainer, right? RIGHT!

Venice ZoltarHike-Selfie Pedi

Ok, back to the story… A few months prior we received a referral from an old client/friend/sender of beer/living definition of the word fun, Jill Smith. Based on our past experience working with Jill, we kinda knew this would be one project we could really enjoy. Naturally, we were right… again:)

Jill-Smith JS-CaseStudy-Images3 JS-CaseStudy-Images6

After weeks of chatting, Walter’s sketching and Ashley going thru almost an entire tablet of tracing paper(we buy it by the roll now), the Tiffani Thiessen brand and blogsite was complete!! VICTORY!!

elizabethmessina_016bDSC_2121 Tiffani-Thiessen-case-study-logo DSC_3193 DSC_3269

Back to the party… Gorgeous would kinda be an understatement! If you’re curious, the answer is yes. The food was amazing. How could it not be?These gals really out did themselves. Yum on all the levels!!

127_elizabethmessina188_elizabethmessina242_elizabethmessina 026_elizabethmessina282_elizabethmessinaAfter meeting the lady behind Dinner at Tiffani’s and sampling a few of her dishes, we were inspired… and a little hungry. Ready to dive back into prepping for the styled shoot that would be featured on the new Braizen site, we thought it’d be more “authentic”, if we made a few of the recipes ourselves. Sure it was more work, but that’s how we do. Buy the bourbon, make the cocktail, drink the cocktail, try to photograph the cocktail before it’s gone… Hey, keepin’ it real is a full time job folks.


This holiday season, you’ll find us bourbon in hand, cooking our way thru the Feast section of her blog  remembering the time we had Dinner at Tiffani’s.

Party Images by Elizabeth Messina // Jill’s Images by Brooke Schwab // All other images by Team Braizen.

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