Sweets for Sweeties

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We are truly blessed to work with some of the most creative, talented businesses out there – it’s the biggest reason why we love what we do. What is even more special is when we get to work with creative and talented people who are also incredibly altruistic.

Photographers Brittany Wilbur and Carrie Anne Miranda are two such people and the hearts behind Sweet Nectar Society, a non-profit brand dedicated to providing children who are facing challenging illnesses, disabilities, and injuries with cost-free photography sessions. Through photography, SNS offers these children and their families a rare opportunity to smile, laugh, and shine for the camera.

Furthermore, the Sweet Nectar gals partnered with some other fantastic people to develop the Sweet Eats program, which assists families with food and other services while they are in hospital for treatment. The moments Sweet Nectar creates and preserves and the services they’ve partnered to provide are incredibly helpful to families in need of a little bit of hope and warmth – the work they do is truly awe-inspiring.

The Sweet Nectar Society certainly inspired us to create for them an identity that clearly communicated their mission and their motivation for this rebranding project. They came to us with a strong icon as their logo mark that just needed a little reworking and updating. The hummingbird is a longstanding symbol of life and lightness of being, identified with the ability of lifting up out of negative circumstances. We honestly couldn’t think of anything more perfect than that. We went on to develop a warm, comforting color palette, in-theme patterns, and some additional illustrations to create a cohesive identity. Our hope is that this work can contribute to SNS’ mission and help them to spread the word about their amazing work and the amazing families they serve.
Sweet Nectar Society Photography Non-Profit Brand Identity & Logo Design by BraizenSweet Nectar SocietySweet Nectar Society Non-Profit Branding & Pattern Design by BraizenSweet Nectar Society Brand Identity by BraizenSweet Nectar Society Branding by BraizenSweet Nectar Society Non-Profit Photography Branding & Tshirt Design by BraizenSweet Nectar Society Non-Profit Responsive Website Design by BraizenSweet Nectar Society Non-Profit Branding by BraizenSweet Eats In Memory of Hendrix Wille Logo Design by BraizenSweet Eats Branding & Logo Design by Braizen Sweet Eats Brand Identity & Pattern Design by Braizen Sweet Eats Brand Identity & Stamp Design by Braizen

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