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If you’ve called the Braizen offices in the last few months, you may have noticed a new voice answering the line. After Alicja left to give birth to quite possibly the cutest little boy ever, we were in need of someone to take up the charge of keeping us organized (poor soul) and helping to facilitate our clients through the branding process. Lucky for us, we know some pretty awesome people and one of those people is Ashley’s long-time friend Amber Tushim; an aspiring design maven and all around hard-ass (flinch). We were looking for an organized, straight shooter with above average people skills and Amber more than fits that order. While her past is shrouded in mystery (some things are better left untold), Amber’s present is one filled with keeping the Braizen office in check all whilst dreaming of her design ideas for interiors, clothing, and accessories – in her words, “anything pretty and funky people can hold in their hand, hang on their wall or put on their body.” We are so very glad to have her on the team and feel that she fits in perfectly with our little design family … like peas and carrots (or pantones and font books). So, if you get a chance to speak with this awesome lady, be sure to welcome her and rest assured that you are in very capable hands. And so, in the grand Braizen tradition, we give you Amber’s top 10!

1. I have a son Named Phenix Gage (the Gage is after the adorable little zombie kid in the movie Pet Cemetery).

2. If you are a close friend of mine there is a 98% chance that I’ve cleaned/organized a room in your house to include refolding your entire linen closet. In that same vein …

3. I like things to be in order, even if its not my stuff.

4. I’ve been friends with Ashley since we were 8yrs old!!

5. I have an obsession with words/lyrics/quotes… but I’m not big on reading.

6. I count everything. Especially my steps. I’ve been doing it for as long as i can remember. Yes, I am OCD and proud:)

7. I have a black belt in Choi Kwang Do.

8. I would like to learn to breakdance/ be a dj

9. I have a mild obsession with urban art, Lionel Richie, Incubus and graffiti ….did I mention Music? Anything from Johnny Cash to Goodie Mob.

10. I’ve been call gangsta more times than I could count. I’ve even been called a gangster granola… I don’t even know what that means but it sounds pretty accurate.

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  1. Amber!! And Pet Cemetery has always freaked me this day!!
  2. amber
    HEHE!! It is kind of a creepy movie. I just thought the little boy was adorable. He was in "Jack the Bear" too. :) ~Amber
  3. jasmine
    sooo you can fight too?! lol. (scared!)

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