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Back in May (yes, LAST May), Ashley and Tyrie took part in the 17th installment of the Atlanta PechaKucha 20 x 20 conference. It was a great night, but what really made it great is that furniture design maven Samantha Pattillo was in the audience to see our presentation. She enjoyed the presentation so much that she called Braizen to inquire about creating a cohesive look for her personal brand. It was a match made in design Valhalla.

For the last four months we have been having an amazing time working with Samantha on this incredible project. It has been an envigorating exchange of ideas and design karma. As designers, business owners, and all around creative masterminds, we all – firm and client – came together to make this project work. Because we were designing a very personal brand for Samantha and her personal design work, we had to get at the heart of who she is – a woman who is inventive, great with her hands (hubba hubba), business savvy, and just so much fun to be around.

We spent a lot of time sharing visits between the Braizen office and Samantha’s office and her workshop. Walter, as lead designer (and resident carpenter), took an extra special interest in Samantha’s work (we’re gonna have to watch those two or we may lose Walt to the furniture business). He and Samantha really hit it off and worked together to put together the right design for this exciting new brand. We had to design something that communicated both Samantha’s sophistication and her carpentry prowess – her “fashion and function” perspective on all things design – and do so in a way that was unique and fresh. Her existing blog title, “Heels and a Hammer”, gave us a great launching point to do just that.

The other part of the challenge was finding the right way to merge Samantha’s modern sensibilities with her puncheon for beautiful, natural materials … um, wood. But, the challenge was easily met by Walter – and with Samantha’s help, the designs took shape and said everything they needed to say.

Shortly after we completed Samantha’s branding (as in the day after her collateral came off the press), she got the opportunity to film a little feature with HGTV, perhaps you’ve heard of them? You can see little snippets of her branding and website.

HGTV Feature Samantha Pattillo from Samantha Pattillo on Vimeo.

After we wrapped up with Samantha, we decided to gift every client with something especially made for them featuring their branding. Tinkering Monkey whipped up this awesome engraved set of coasters. Now Samantha is free to getting “hammered” without ruining her awesome mid-century modern coffee table. #partytime

From her mouth to your ear… read about Samantha’s experience here. And stay tuned… the client / designer tables were turned recently. More on that next week.

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