Risky Business

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What does it take to be the Bentley of risk insurance? It takes guts, pride, and whole lot of handshaking. Norick, a Minneapolis-based insurance firm, reached out to us to help it stand out among its stuffy competitors, and attract a new breed of farmer growing a very (ahem) special crop in the Pacific Northwest (shhhh … it’s weed … we’re talking about weed). The challenge? Norick, had never been branded before. The other interesting tidbit? They didn’t have an online presence much less a website. Crazy, right?!

But not to fear. Braizen was here.

The first thing we did was dive deep into the Norick lore. Norick was originally founded in the 70’s and had a steady history of being the tiny team that could. While Norick can’t say it’s the biggest firm out there, they can boast that their family of brokers have over 100 years of combined experience together. We also discovered that Norick had a reputation for being connected to swanky and storied international insurance firms; that really beefed up their street cred. More importantly, folks at Norick come across more like a personable start-up, than a stodgy, faceless corporation. Translation: While they appreciate suits, they just don’t always wear’em.

The Braizen team was presented with the challenge of modernizing Norick’s look while honoring their solid expertise. We quickly realized that Norick was a heritage brand in the making.

While putting together their creative brief and mood board, we drew on influences from other heritage brands like Dodge’s “Their Spirit Lives On” and Bacardi Rum “Untameable since 1862” campaigns. Like Norick, those brands had a long history, but had slipped into Mediocre Identity Land (which is like Delaware, but without the flair …). Dodge and Bicardi sought to revitalize their images, tell their stories and reach younger, hipper audiences, while maintaining the old school cred.

Our aim was to accomplish something very similar for Norick. We brought in elements that communicated an Old World vibe (vintage etchings), juxtaposed them with modern elements of commerce (photography of ships, farm fields), and brought that all together with a simple yet elegant color palette.

Did we hit it? We think so. Be sure to check out the full case study here.

Norick Risk Brokers Foiled Stamped Business Card Design by BraizenNorick Risk Brokers Branding & Stationery Suite by BraizenNorick Risk Brokers Branding & Wax Seal by BraizenNorick Risk Brokers Branding & Collateral by BraizenNorick Risk Brokers Branding by Braizen

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