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While essential oils maybe a growing homeopathic trend for most of us, the founders of Simply Aroma had already been in the game for quite a while. Most recently, they had started their own essential oil company and had been operating for around two years. Before they knew, the industry had exploded around them and they needed a boost to keep them ahead. Naturally, they came to Braizen for some help with branding, packaging, and web design. These purveyors of pure essential oils and related products were looking for the whole kit and caboodle – new look, new identity, new packaging … hell, even a new name. In order to stay competitive in an ever-increasingly competitive market, they needed an update and they needed it yesterday.

Purely Essential Oils Branding and Packaging Design by Braizen

For the name, we built off of the company’s mission statement, which they were calling the “Simply Pure™ Promise” (and something they’ve held onto). By parsing this mission down to its core value – that being the purity of everything they do – we developed the new name, PURELY™. That name and the mission that inspired it, became the foundation of the whole design strategy. We needed to keep it simple and clean in order to best represent the company and its products.

Purely Essential Oils Company Branding & Package Design by BraizenEssential Oil Brand Category Logo Marks by Braizen for PurelyPurely Brand Identity & In-Depth Brand Standards Guidelines Magazine Design by Braizen

Driving the creative direction of the brand are the ideas and emotions evoked in the words “Pure” and “Simple”. Specifically, the creative direction drives those who encounter it to view Purely’s products in terms like “clean”, “untainted”, “essential”, “natural”, and “organic”. Likewise, the visuals suggest a product that is a serious health enhancing product that deserves careful, mindful use and inspires customers and vendors to act knowledgeably all whilst also representing the company’s socially conscious practices that inform every decision they make.

Purely Essential Oils Company Name Development & Brand Identity Design by Braizen Essential Conscious is the tagline developed for Purely by Branding Firm, Braizen

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, can we talk about this packaging!!! This was so much fun. First of all, do you know how many freaking different essential oils are out there? At one point, we were seriously considering creating little illustrations for EACH ONE. But, Walter threatened to destroy us all in really horrible ways and we realized that idea may have been a bit too ambitious. What we did come up with were elemental illustrations for each of PURELY’s product lines as well as some alchemy-inspired designs to be added to the labels based on each oil’s essential properties and uses. How cool is that! The bottles were just the beginning, but you get the idea. Packaging HEAVEN!

Purely Essential Oils, Men's Soap and Personal Care Product Packaging Design by BraizenPurely Essential Oils Soap Packaging Design by BraizenPurely Essential Oils Beauty Product Line Package Design by BraizenPurely Essential Oils Company Brand Usage Icons by Braizen

Overall, the folks at PURELY were really awesome – they had just as much (if not more) fun as we did throughout the process. We had as many as five members of their team weighing in at various parts of the process and it was really a great example of how collaboration can translate in unicorn-levels of awesome.

Purely Essential Oil Company Branding & Business Card Design by BraizenPurely Essential Oil Bath Bomb Packaging by BraizenEssential Oil Soap Packaging for Purely, designed by Branding Firm, Braizen

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