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Everyone dabbles in experimentation, right? Maybe don’t answer that outloud. As our business has grown, we’ve certainly tried on more than a few project management tools. Some have been ‘meh’ and others have literally saved our ass from burning this whole thing down. Running a design firm isn’t just about cranking out kick-ass branding collateral and websites — but also tending to the admin and customer support side of things diligently and gently.

If you follow this blog, you know we aren’t just in the business of cranking out top notch branding, but we also like to share our knowledge so that you can keep on keepin on! Today, we’d like to share three of our fav project management tools so that you can kick some ass and take some names into Q4.

G Suite. You might still be hot and steamy after reading about how G Suite totally hits our g-spot. And we’re so serious about our love of this online toolbox, we have to highlight it again. G Suite is an all-encompassing project management tool that truly does it ALL. It’s completely customizable, you can store all the things in the cloud, step your email management game up and keep your collaborators and teammates close. Long gone are the days of downloading Word attachments only to have them lost in cyberspace. G Suite really is a dream come true for small businesses.

Basecamp. We start our day with Basecamp. Well, and coffee. Lots of coffee. But perusing the basecamp dashboard is our fav past time on a weekday morning. It gives us a snapshot of all our open projects, their status, and a targeted to-do list. Oh, the to-do list. Lists are where it’s at, yo, and Basecamp lets us assign items to ourselves and team members which eliminates confusion and is killer for teams that work virtually. They were even named one of Forbes’ Best Small Companies in 2017, so you know they’re LEGIT.

Honeybook. These folks really know how to put the “flow” into “workflow”. We can’t get enough of this user-friendly CRM tool. Imagine having a snapshot of your daily to-do list, invoices, upcoming meetings, and business analytics right in front of your face on the same screen. And if that’s not enough, you can manage every single project detail from the very first client introduction to the final goodbye all with Honeybook. We tell you one thing, this is a tool we won’t be saying goodbye to for a long time.

So there you have it. Our lifelines. Our salvation. Our true partners (don’t tell our spouses). How did creative businesses get anything done before these tools existed?! Actually, don’t answer that.

Do you have any other project management tools you simply can’t live without? Share them in the comments below!

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