It’s not everyday a Hollywood actress reaches out to you for a branding project. When she emailed us, we of course knew who Tiffani Thiessen was, but we had so much more to learn about this amazing woman’s life after the halls of Bayside High. What we discovered was a very gifted and caring wife, mother, and domestic goddess with a passion and love for the kitchen. We were easily inspired by all of Tiffani’s amazing talents and insights with all things food as well as her approachable personality. We pulled up a chair, and went to work on this fabulous lifestyle brand.

The project was to develop a completely new brand for Tiffani in the scope of her lifestyle prowess and a new show on The Cooking Channel, Dinner at Tiffani’sAt the center of our work was communicating all the facets of Tiffani’s skills as a homemaker and culinary artist, demonstrating her knowledge and abilities in these areas whilst also conveying her down-to-earth personality. We needed to create a brand that was modern, yet homey, sophisticated, yet grounded, and that captured Tiffani’s deep-rooted, family-centered motivations for her new ventures.

Tiffani Thiessen Branding & Logo Design by Braizen • Photograph by Elizabeth MessinaTiffani Thiessen Branding Work in ProgressTiffani-Thiessen-ChickensDSC_3193Tiffani Thiessen Brand Identity by Braizen • Photo by Elizabeth MessinaTiffani Thiessen Blogsite Design by BraizenTiffani Thiessen Tagline and Icon by BraizenTiffani Thiessen Branding & Stationery Suite by BraizenTiffani-Thiessen-colors

Tiffani Thiessen Food Icons designed by Braizen

Tiffani Thiessen Brand Icons & Recipe Card by BraizenTiffani-Thiessen-fontsTiffani Thiessen Mobile Website UI Design by BraizenTiffani Thiessen Brand Identity by Braizen

The entire team at Braizen was such a delight to work with. From the start I knew I was going to love the process of designing and creating my site with them. They were informative, spirited and just plain fun. And it shows thru in the work they put out. I could not have been happier with them and love the relationship we have built.

Lifestyle Photographs by Elizabeth Messina • Stationery Photographs by Braizen