Heather Maertens is another great example of a creative mind working in a medium that inspired us greatly. Her jewelry is a beautiful homage to the world around her in the Chesapeake Bay area. The way Heather interprets the bay, beaches, and ocean she encounters everyday is a testament to her creativity and skills as a jeweler. Likewise, Heather uses older crafting techniques, so each piece is truly hand-cast. Heather is also someone whose creativity and passion for her craft touches all who interact with her, including this group of branding and design junkies.
In Heather’s literal translations of her environment we found all the inspiration was needed for her branding. The Chesapeake Bay area and its diverse flora and fauna provided us everything we needed to create a brand identity that complimented Heather’s Penny James jewelry line. From sea creatures – real and imagined – to shell-strewn beaches to grassy sand dunes, we discovered a wealth of forms, colors, and textures to work with in order to create a look that was both sophisticated and a bit whimsical. 

PennyJames-Braizen2PennyJames-Braizen-boards2PennyJames-SignPennyJames-Braizen68PennyJames-Braizen42 PennyJames-Braizen-boards1PennyJames-Braizen28PennyJames-Braizen-boards4PennyJames-Braizen-boards3PennyJames-Braizen23 PennyJames-Braizen5

Braizen took all of my crazy ideas, pulled out what was important and created a brand that expresses the heart and soul of my jewelry line.

Stationery photographs by Alicja Colon.