The stars aligned for Jenna Elliott when she and her husband, Andrew, collaborated on a new photography business in Pasadena, CA. This fun-loving, delightful photographer behind One Eleven Photography has built a fantastic business to fulfill her life-long dream of capturing the essence of life on film. Her ambitious nature (she’s a capricorn, you know), coupled with a pretty sweet brand, has helped Jenna achieve her goals as a family and wedding photog.
As expressed in her initial questionnaire, Jenna is a very cognizant of her tendencies as a capricorn and that became the centerpiece for the brand – this aspect of her personality is also reflected in the name “One Eleven”, her birthday. Additionally, Jenna was looking for a look that was altogether whimsical, artsy, and clean. It was our job to find the balance between these perspectives, which we achieved through a mix of some fantastic illustration and classic lettering. 

One Eleven Photography Capricorn Logo Design by Braizenoneeleven-010One Eleven Branding and Business Card Design by Braizenoneeleven-018One Eleven Photography Business Card Design & Color Palette by Braizenoneeleven-009Photography by One ElevenOne Eleven Photography Rubber Stamp DesignOne Eleven Photography Brand Identity Design by BraizenPhotography by One Eleven oneeleven-014One Eleven Photography Branding Pattern Textile Design

There are a lot of great designers out there but Braizen is really exceptional. Every one of their projects is beautiful, creative and fun, but they are also so absolutely unique from one another. They aren’t just a talented, brilliant graphic design firm, they are branding experts.

Bio Photo by Matt Cosby • Stationery & Other Portrait Photos by Jenna Elliott