So often, our clients become collaborators beyond the branding and design work we complete for them. With Lee Morton and Mozell Films, we not only had a great time developing a brand from top to bottom, we also found a partner to help us better brand our own business. Lee and his team’s abilities to tell a compelling story through film not only inspired our work on Mozell, but it also inspired us to step in front of the camera to tell our own story. In Lee and all the folks at Mozell we found friends and creative coconspirators in a relationship of mutual professional and personal respect. 
Developing a new brand for Lee and his documentary film company started with a story about his grandmother and her influence in his life. Her first name became the keystone in the larger brand identity (as did her nickname, “Mo”). This initial inspiration grew into a visual story that communicates the foundation of Mozell’s motivation – to tell stories about everyday people who add meaning to the world. Much in the way Lee and his team build the narratives of their subjects, we constructed the Mozell narrative to represent the careful way these filmmakers seek out beauty, inspiration, and captivating topics for their work. 


Mozell Films Abstract Brand Icons by Braizen


Braizen challenges you, excites you and takes so many necessary steps to create timeless and practical marketing tools for your business. We’re passionate to make an impact and ignite our viewers and Braizen interpreted that so clearly. They’re candid, defiant and so damn talented.
Lee Morton

Bio Photo by Kate Ann • Stationery photographs by Alicja Colon.