“Imagine if Edgar Allan Poe and Nicolai Tesla bought an organic cannabis farm; what would their brand be?” Thus began our long, strange trip into the world of legal cannabis with Alaska’s own Moonshine Farms, a cannabis grower in the far north. That little bit of inspiration came from founder Jason Brown’s wife, Michelle. Oh, and that blue? Inspired by a mix of the T.A.R.D.I.S. and Alaska’s state flag. Yes, these two residents of the last frontier were made for Braizen. But, aside from their awesome design instincts, we were blown away by their incredible business acumen and how engaged they were through the entire process.
The resulting brand steered the focus more towards the celestial, with a definite nod to the Michelle’s request for some steampunk elements as seen in the mid-18th century-inspired font and illustrations. We also looked to that same era and apothecary motifs (this is for recreational AND medicinal use) to develop additional design elements that played an important role in how we built print collateral and packaging. Speaking of packaging, this was a FIRST for us, so you can bet we had a lot of fun playing with various container ideas that were on-brand and followed the established (and necessary) guidelines for the industry. This was certainly a great learning experience for us and we are looking forward for what’s to come from Jason and Michelle!

Everyone thinks the brand is badass by the way. We love it! We are still both smiling like fools loving yalls work. Michelle just said ” I think you hired the right company.” You guys nailed it!
Jason Brown