Sometimes, you just get lucky. We certainly did when Ron Lunan and Courtney Hutton reached out to us for help developing a brand for their mobile coffee truck company, Lucky Lab Coffee Co. What we loved about their story, aside from delicious coffee, is that part of the inspiration for Lucky Lab came from Ron and Courtney’s four labrador retrievers and the couple’s commitment to donating proceeds from their business to local animal shelters. Coffee + Animal Love + Charity = So Damn Awesome in our book!
For the brand design, Ron and Courtney were looking for a clean, vintage design that would translate well across mediums, from the web to their mobile coffee truck, and paid homage to the furry inspiration behind the name “Lucky Lab.” As our first ever design for a vendor truck, this project was especially fun and challenging (and caffeine-fueled). Seeing it all in person at the Lucky Lab launch in Austin, TX made it all even more special and Lucky Lab remains one of our all-time favorite projects.

Lucky-Lab-316 Luckly-Lab-003 Lucky-Lab-Launch-8 Luckly-Lab-002Lucky-Lab-Launch-15 Luckly-Lab-001Lucky-Lab-Launch-17 Luckly-Lab-005 Lucky-Lab-14b Luckly-Lab-007Luckly-Lab-008 Lucky-Lab-161 Luckly-Lab-006Lucky-Lab-256Luck Lab Mobile Coffe Truck Parallax Website Design by Braizen Lucky-Lab-Launch-164

It’s been great having a Wizard behind the curtain. It’s firms like Braizen that help companies like Lucky Lab Coffee Co. put their best foot forward. They’re more than a vendor to us – we’ll always consider them a partner. We would hire Braizen again and again.
Ron Lunan

Photographs by Jen Dillender.