Some people are just so genuinely awesome that you can’t help but want to be associated with them. Jill Smith is one such person. This incredible artist, wife, mother, and letterer is simply a joy to know. Over the years we have worked with Jill on a number of projects, but, like every love story, this one has a beginning and ours is this project. We loved working with her to develop a brand for her stationery design company that not only complimented the beauty of her work, but also captured unicorn spirit of this talented and lovely human being.
Jill Smith loves narwhals. Yes, the unicorns of the sea are Jill’s favorite animals and there begins this design story – one built around Jill’s own beautiful lettering skills AND a sea animal associated with magic and wonder. We built this brand around fun and whimsy. It effectively and honestly communicates Jill’s true nature, which we assure you is as authentic as they come. Sincerely collaborative, this project was exactly how we like to work – teaming up to create a brand that represented not only Jill’s company, but Jill’s amazing personality as well. 


They created something so sound, so witty, so different from everything already out there, and so perfect for me. They completely captured me and my aesthetic. Narwhals and Rhinos! Rainbow raindrops! Incorporating my handwriting! Oh yes, thank you.

Photographs by Brooke Schwab.