Introducing a company name so awesome, so great, we wish we had thought of it ourselves. The brilliance behind A Freaking Great Company came from none other than Aliza Stein – our, dear, dear, Aliza: witty, funny, compassionate, and sweet. What’s more, Aliza is a branding wizard who really gets the importance of creating an upfront and honest business identity. That’s Aliza Stein all damn day. As any brand designer will tell you, branding yourself can be a real challenge, so Aliza reached out to us and we made magic branding babies together. The end. 
How do you represent a rainbow supernovae of awesome? That was our challenge. Aliza has an amazing sense of style and the kind of confidence that just draws you in … how do you brand that?!?! We managed it through some very entertaining Skype sessions and a whole lot of laughter. Developing a chic, smart, modern, youthful brand for Aliza and her firm was as much fun as it sounds. The result is an identity that is as colorful, boisterous, and smart as the woman behind the company. Some pretty great design can come from laughter and joy.  


For all their fun and easy going ways, there’s real expertise and love that goes into creating and crafting the perfect blend of your business vision with your brand story.

Stationery Photographs by Braizen