Need Packaging + Promo Vendors? We Got You!

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The design and packaging world is ever changing. But, we’ve been in the biz long enough that we’ve come across a handful of keepers. And, believe you me, we take packaging and promotional vendors VERY serious around these parts. So, when we give recommendations and kudos to a company- we really, really mean it!

But, how can you tell who really has the knack of producing exactly what your brand needs? Technically, you could just call each of them up and ask a series of long, drawn out questions; but, let’s be honest, who makes phone calls anymore? Gross. Instead, just keep reading and we’ll point you in the right direction!

Sticker Mule

Sticker-extraordinaire’s, Sticker Mule is based out of New York and sport a doctorate in kicking ass. We love them for a lot of reasons, and their stickers are just one. You can also order labels, magnets, buttons and packaging supplies from them. You’ll feel immensely cooler by just slapping one of their stickers on your laptop. Trust us – we are kind of connoisseurs in slapping around here (ask Walter).


LA-based Lumi knows a thing or two about packaging and how to get things done in a contemporary and affordable way. Their approach is all about making customers fall in love at first sight and that’s how they want your clients to feel about you. They excel at making this happen by taking your “storefront” as serious as Ashley’s son takes jujitsu. If you’ve been struggling to find that perfect drawstring bag to store your wisdom teeth in, look no further than Lumi. If your wisdom teeth are still intact – Opie might be able to remedy that for you.  Hi-yah!

Real Thread

Our third and most cuddly fave has to be Real Thread. These folks from sunny Orlando, FL have many talents and offerings for the T-shirt-wearing folk of the world (like Tyrie) with a huge array of softness, style, color and brands to select from. We have to say, what really chalks these guys up high on our list is the fact that one of their core values is to “create wow”. Take one look at their stuff and you’ll see how easy it is to throw all your money at them.


This company has won 3 Webby awards (killin’ it!) and has offices in both the US and UK. Moo, truly sets themselves apart with their eye-catching designs and coined “Printfinity”. Their biz cards were conceived, birthed and are thriving outside of the proverbial box – and one could spend a lot of hours just going through their online collections (so we’ve heard).


If we were to let any company throw up all over our curtains, carpets, and pillows in a million different patterns, it would be Spoonflower. These textile pundits from North Carolina are one of a kind, and pretty sure they are Braizen’s separated-at-birth twin. Their option to shop by color has us feeling all the feels, especially their Braizen Red selections! However, we love them most for their custom products like wrapping paper, fabric and wallpaper (yes, they even made wallpaper cool again!).


Last, but certainly not least, are the publishing babes out of San Francisco known as Magcloud. These guys are there for you when you need to publish absolutely anything. Print or digital. Program, portfolio or book. They offer shipping worldwide and the option to launch any digital publications directly from your website. They are basically the Dumbledore of publishing.

Doesn’t this blog make you wanna print until there is nothing left to print any more? Well, get to it! And, if you have any other creative vendors you use regularly, don’t be greedy – share them with us below!

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