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Anyone who knows us knows we love a good package. A nice, strong, sturdy, attractive package. Especially the kind that shows up unexpectedly at your front door to surprise you right before you crawl into bed. You know the one?

Now let’s all hold hands as we pull each other out of the gutter and back into a creative mindset.

We’re here to talk package design. We’ve been big proponents of product package design for as long as we can remember, and have even dabbled it in ourselves and in the past for many clients. But this passion for package design didn’t appear to us out of thin air. We started the way most designers do: inspiration. So today we want to share with you three of our favorite package design blogs. These are the blogs we turn to when we’re seeking inspiration to create compelling, beautiful package designs for our customers.

The Dieline. If you’re like us and you hover somewhere in between obsessing over rainbows one day, and earth tones the next, then you’ll love The Dieline. These guys make our hearts skip a beat every time we see their collection of work. Everything is clean, bold, bright and beautiful and they really aren’t afraid to go outside the proverbial box. Plus, not only are they passionate about their own brand and professional growth, but their annual Dieline Conference proves they are huge advocates for the entire package design industry. #inspired

Lovely Package. The name says it all. These guys are the curators of some of the loveliest packaging in the biz. They are your one-stop-shop for all things top-notch package design. We often find ourselves procrastinating every Monday morning while finding our way into the darkest depths of their extensive archives. Everything is separated out either by date or by category such as Food, Home, Sports, etc. which makes the procrastinating even more inescapable. Consider yourself warned, and hopefully inspired like us.

Branding, Packaging & Opinion. Curator (and The Dieline contributor), Richard Baird, is one of those who has a knack for spotting incredible package design. He manages to rope in collections from all over the world (literally) that we personally think we wouldn’t see otherwise. Baird introduces his followers to international designers that walk the fine line of being clean cut, whimsical, bold and traditional all at once. We know. Mind. Blown. BP&O is one of those we spend a lot of time analyzing as we work towards evolving and growing our own creative eye and toolbox.

Are there any package design blogs you regularly feel inspired by? Share them in the comments below!

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