Office Kitty Humor

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It’s no secret that we all love animals in the Braizen office, but we have a good time gathering funny, silly and sweet images for our good friend Dora. She’s completely cat-obsessed and we “think” she has 24 cats, but in reality she has 6 and they have 4 different names/nicknames each. Check out our kitty board! Go ahead – Have yourself a good little Friday laugh!

Braizen's Kitty Obsession

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  1. Awesome board. I love cats. And speaking of office kitty humor, I'm the only girl in my office and I have 2 cats - so of course all the guys think that I'm a cat lady. Now, my (male) boss likes cats - a LOT. When he went away for a week, I printed out as many funny cat pictures and memes as I could... and covered every square inch of his desk with them. I even put a little 1in square image under his laser mouse. Too funny. I work for a "serious" company, so I'm glad everyone loved it and weren't too upity about it.

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