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Perhaps the most important element of making a great film is the ability to tell a compelling story. It’s also an incredibly important part of creating a great brand. When Lee Morton reached out to us to develop a new brand identity for his commercial film studio, we knew that his amazing ability to tell the stories of his subjects would need to be complimented by a brand that did an equally good job in telling the story of his company – one that captured the true essence of what Lee and his employees do every time they step behind the camera. More than just clients, the folks at Mōzell became friends and were even the masterminds behind the short film on this website that tells a little of our story. We are so fortunate to get the opportunity to work with creative minds like Lee and his staff.

Mozell Films Branding and Logo Design by Braizen

It’s only fitting that we found the theme of this branding story in the story of someone very dear to Lee. One of the biggest inspirations to Lee’s life was the life of his grandmother, Mozell. She was incredibly influential in shaping Lee’s worldview and when we heard him tell us about her and her role she played in his upbringing, we knew we found our inspiration as well. Her first name became the keystone in the larger brand identity (as did her nickname, “Mo”). This initial inspiration grew into a visual story that communicates the foundation of Mozell’s motivation – to tell stories about everyday people who add meaning to the world. Much in the way Lee and his team build the narratives of their subjects, we constructed the Mozell narrative to represent the careful way these filmmakers seek out beauty, inspiration, and captivating topics for their work.

Mozell FIlms Branding & Identity DesignMozell Videographer Branding & Stationery Suite DesignMozell Films Branding & Stationery DesignMozell Videographer Branding & Business Card Design by Braizen Mozell Films Branding & Icon Design by BraizenModel Office Space • Designed by  Stephanie BradshawModel Office Space • Designed by  Stephanie Bradshaw • Branding & Logo Design by BraizenModel Office Space • Designed by  Stephanie Bradshaw

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