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It was a chilly February day when Brazilian photographer Manuela Bertol first reached out to us and inquired about a rebranding. Truthfully, her English was a bit rough, but it was leagues better than our Portuguese. As it is with most of our international clients, we needed to schedule a Skype session to discuss her hopes and needs for a new brand and walk her and her partner/husband,  Ciro, through our process. If I may (Tyrie, here), that first talk was really quite lovely. Manuela and Ciro struck me immediately as kindred spirits and, frankly, I immediately fell in love with Manuela’s photographic style. I knew that they were a good fit for Braizen. Fortuitously, Manuela and Ciro were making a trip to the U.S. in March and Ashley and I would get a chance to meet up with them in person. In that two hours at a Morningside restaurant (Rosebud – highly recommend) over fried chicken and shrimp and grits, we knew immediately that Manuela and Ciro were going to be very special clients.

In the course of the next five months, we worked alongside Manuela, with Ciro serving as translator, to develop a brand that is certainly one of our favorites. Manuela’s openness about her personal aesthetic and the motivations/inspirations for her photography helped us to create a truly unique and fantastical brand for her business. We really came to love Manuela  and Ciro – her, for her passion for creativity and photography, him, for the absolute way he adores his wife and wants to see her succeed (and, he’s a pretty kickass musician who enjoys Man or Astroman as much as I do). Seeing Walter (and team) develop this new look made us all very proud of Braizen and just how we are able to translate a client’s vision into something so incredibly tangible (further evidence that Walt is a damn design mastermind). The work speaks for itself – the perfect union of Manuela’s photography and vision for her brand, and Walter’s ability to manifest beauty into design. We could not be prouder. So, take the red pill, fall down the rabbit hole, and get ready to meet the world of Fotografia Manuela Bertol.

Can’t get over the awesomeness that is below on Manuela’s contact page.

Letterhead & Envelope

Rockin’ Record-Inspired DVD Case & Label.

“Since I met Braizen, making the visual identity for my business with them, became a dream! We had already scheduled a trip to the U.S., so we decided that Atlanta would be part of the way! After I met Ashley and Tyrie during a delicious lunch, I was sure that Braizen would be the best choice I could ever make. And I was right. Indeed, Braizen surprised me at every step, with their incredible ability to identify my way, my style, and put the ideas on paper. All the work was personalized, attempting to get every detail, to get the personality of my business. And through our meetings and other interviews, they were able to capture everything perfectly.

Braizen surprised me with their friendly, modern and extremely professional way! In every presentation I felt thrilled. The result was perfect! They are brilliant! I feel very happy to have chosen such competent professionals to develop something of utmost importance in my business. Having a visual identity that has my style, makes me a proud professional!” – Manuela Bertol

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  1. WHAT. This is just goddamn frickin amazing.
  2. Incrivelmente bonito! :)
  3. Elaine Cristina Fronza
  4. Damn. This is pretty awesome. I've turned into a Braizen stalker. So much creative yumminess to be found here.
  5. I am in love with this branding!! Congratulations!! Could you please tell me what is the name of the script font you have used? You say that it is "Capistrano", but the one I find with that name is not the same. Thank you so much!!

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