Lorem Ipsum, Do Huh?

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If you’ve worked with us or followed our work through the blog, you have probably noticed  some strange copy content populating our design shots. Oftentimes, when we are designing a webpage, brochure or some other piece that requires content, we will implement this exotic copy. Our clients usually refer to it as “that weird language.” Well, they are part right –  it’s actually latin (it’s all greek to us) and we designers, letterers, and typesetters use it as filler text so that our clients can better visualize the overall design. We call it “Lorem Ipsum” and it actually has quite an interesting history in the world of design.

The short version is that this bit of latin, extracted from Cicero’s “de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum” (The Extremes of Good and Evil, written in 45 BC), is aesthetically balanced enough to look like actual text, while not distracting from the design (which is, you know, what we want our clients looking at). So, for years, designers have depended on this latin gibberish to help their clients better visualize how a completed design comes together.

We started using this Lorem Ipsum generator many years ago that made life way easier.

A few months ago we discovered Hipster Ipsum, which made the life a bit more interesting by integrating some fun hipster culture into the latin text (stuff like “Cosby sweater,” “craft beer,” and “mixtape”).

And things just got a little sweeter with the debut of Cupcake Ipsum, which is full of delicious bits of text like “chocolate bar danish” and “sesame snaps.” Hello Yummy.

For some of us hardcore geeks, the latin words were fun enough (oooh! let’s stick this thing in Google Translator and see what happens), these new Ipsum generators are full of little “Easter eggs” for everyone.

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