Let’s Talk Letterpress Printers

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As a full-service design firm, we are constantly being asked by clients to give them the best of the best referrals for printers. Y’all, we are all talking about all kinds of printers as our client projects range from simple to insanely custom. From screen-printing to digital, offset to foil, and every other type of printer in between. We’ve had a need for them all at one point or another.

Today we want to share more information on the top three letterpress printers out there (in our not-so-humble opinion). You can take this information or leave it, but we suggest you do some more digging on any and all of these companies if you’re in need of some letterpressin’.

Henry & Co. – When we say we love this company, we really mean it. We L-O-V-E us some Henry & Co. And here’s why. Well, actually, here’s why not. It’s not just because they are local (although that’s an incredible bonus). We love them because they take details as seriously as Walt takes whiskey. We love them because they are experienced and have literally done it all when it comes to their trade. From printing LeBron James’ birthday card to collateral for the Coca-Cola company. Nevermind all the celebrity wedding invites they get to print (#jealous)! If you can dream it up- Henry & Co. can print it up!

This crew can handle a range of printing techniques in addition to letterpress such as traditional offset, die cutting and foil stamping and they are uber involved in the print community. Total badasses. And to top it off, Ashley has known them for a long time. Let’s not talk about how long. Remember, age is just a number.

Mama’s Sauce – I mean, with a name like Mama’s Sauce, you’ve got to be good, right? Totally spot on with this print company based in Orlando, FL whose crew is big into supporting the design community. They’re not afraid to show what they can do and share their processes and techniques, which means that all of their awesome sauce gets spread around for us all to benefit from. Give us all the sauce! We’re super greedy like that.

These cool kids on the block (and on the web) have made a name for themselves in letterpress, but also in screen printing, foil stamping and more. The Braizen team proudly owns and displays a few posters that they’ve printed and we confirm- it’s pretty much perfection.

Studio On Fire – We’ve got two words for you. Gradient. Printing. While we haven’t personally used Studio On Fire, we are constantly swooning over their work and have several clients who sing their praises. This company is award winning and are for real pushing the limits of letterpress printing on the regular. Located in Minneapolis, Studio On Fire has that Midwestern grit and pleasant customer service people on the west coast long for. They are totally worth checking out if you are in that area or you’re looking for an expert at gradient printing (and more!).

So there you have it. Our top three letterpress printers! Do you have experience working with any of them that you want to give a shout-out about? Leave your comments below!

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