Client Spotlight: Kaysha Weiner Photographer

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Let me take you back 2009. A time when a loaf of bread cost $1.77, we said goodbye to the King of Pop (RIP, MJ), and people fell in love with watching the Jersey Shore (we’re still stumped about that one).

2009 also brought about a very positive thing for our business. It was the first time we worked with Kaysha Weiner Photographer. And I’m being honest when I say, our working relationship with Kaysha was pretty much love at first site (web-design pun intended).

Braizen created a new site that is not only bold and beautiful, but it’s full responsive as well! That’s what happens when you have the best damn designers on your side.

Kaysha first came to us with branding needs and then a few years after we went back and freshened her identity up a bit and created her first website. This served her business well and her customer base grew, but then the tech world had to go get all mobile on us (the nerve!). So, in 2016 we had to up the ante and create a fully mobile responsive site.

Before we go into detail about that, let’s talk more about who Kaysha is and what she does.

  1. She’s a badass.
  2. She’s a badass.
  3. She’s exerts her badassery as a lifestyle and wedding photographer in southern California.

Enough said.

But really, Kaysha is amazing at what she does, runs her business well and is extremely kind and patient. What makes her one of our favs is that she’s a great listener (read: she’s open to and and all ideas from the team) and an even better communicator (read: she answers emails promptly and gets us everything we need to do our job).

We’re still figuring out how to clone her. More on that later.

Kaysha’s new site is light, airy and lovely….just like her work. You shouldn’t waste any time hopping over and taking a peek. Best of all….that mobile responsiveness is about as badass as Kaysha is.

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  1. You all did an incredible job with Kayhsa's site! As her business coach, I am so thrilled with how her personal brand shines in this site - you nailed it! -- I will recommend you to other wedding event industry clients and colleagues. -- Gratitude!

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