When Life Gives You Lemons

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The number of possible puns and clichés about lemons far exceeds anyone’s limit for such silliness. My god, the lemon-lemonade paradox alone could quite possibly lead to the collapse of the internet itself. We must be responsible. We must be mindful. We cannot sour taint the blog experience for our readers. We must resist the desire to wax philosophical on the conflicting paradigm of a fruit that is dreadfully sour and a man who is incredibly sweet. No, we must do better. Jon Lemon deserves better.

He deserves better because he is quite an amazing person and a creative wedding photographer. Talking with Jon on the phone, we knew immediately that we were going to have a great time re-imagining his brand and helping him prepare his business for the next chapter. We also fell in love with his work – though based in New York, Jon loves taking his clients out of the city and using natural light and landscapes to frame his subjects. In the city, he likes to soften the concrete and bright lights so as to not dull the image of the loving couples he photographs. The final product is like a work of art – pastoral and calming and lovely. Yes, we are fans.

What Jon needed was a brand that complimented his work. He needed a look that was as artistic and lovely as his photography. The challenge was taking the expected (No, you can’t have a last name like “Lemon” and not use lemons) and translating it into something unexpected. What helped us in this endeavor was listening to Jon’s perspectives on design, deconstructing his photography, and identifying the importance of nature to him and his work. This is how we approached using the lemon as a visual component of the brand. It became not only the lemon, but the lemon tree and woodgrain and warm earthiness.

Instead of making lemonade, we made a better lemon. Really, we focused on the better lemon – Jon – and brought his personality to light and to life in his brand.


“Braizen did an amazing job taking a fuzzy idea I had for my brand and turning it into something amazingly perfect. Everyone I dealt with was awesome, personable, and attentive. I can’t recommend them highly enough. If you’re thinking of rebranding your business (or branding for the first time!), get Braizened!”  ~Jon Lemon

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