How to Style Your Brand

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For us, Mondays are usually full of  weekend reminiscing, loads of phone calls, and diving straight into projects. Generally speaking, they are very Monday-ish (blah). Today, however, marks the release of “How to Style Your Brand” by Author and Creative Catalyst, Fiona Humberstone, which makes this an extra-special, unusually magical Monday (cue the unicorns!). We’re honored to be the first stop along this fabulous book blog tour so sit back, relax and channel your inner anglophile with a cup o’ the English Breakfast.



How to Style Your Brand is simple-to-follow, easy-to-understand and other hyphenated adjectives, brimming with gorgeous imagery that is sure to be an inspiration. It is chock full of helpful tips and tricks on all things branding. Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, it has something for everyone, well… everyone who wants to create a distinctive brand identity in the spirit of true awesomeness and unique vision.

Fiona walks her readers through the entire process of creating or “styling” a brand. From developing your vision to hiring the right designer and giving constructive feedback. We feel all of our clients could benefit from adding this book to their personal library. As designers, we find her book runs parallel to many of Braizen’s own processes and philosophies. Fiona is able to put complex ideas into easy-to-explain scenarios; we’re sure we’ll be stealing borrowing a few of Fiona’s design explanations to use in our client convos. It’s easy to recommend it to both clients and colleagues.


We were especially impressed with Fiona’s sections on Season-based Color Psychology and how color affects your brand on an instinctual level. You’ve got to check it out!


When Fiona reached out to us a year ago from across the pond, we knew she’d be a dear friend. A few months later she requested we submit a few projects for her new book – She wanted projects that were close to our hearts – a tall order considering we have so many clients/projects we love. She wanted to pick 3-4 of our projects to feature, but requested 10 to choose from.

We’re extremely excited and humbled that SIX of our projects where chosen; including Lucky Lab Coffee Co.One Eleven PhotographyMozell FilmsJill SmithManeula Bertol, and Finding Home. We’re featured alongside many of our friends and respected colleagues including Stitch Design Co.Grit & WitSalted Ink and Rowan Made just to name a few.




Many of the images Anne Almasy shot of our office are also featured.



Even the Braizen mascots made in! I can rest easy now knowing that ChooChoo and Chester will live forever in print.


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  1. Oh my... Dripping happy tears into my English Breakfast whilst feeling all goose bumpy. Thank you so much for your lovely words. You guys were an absolute pleasure to work with on the book. I've so enjoyed getting to know you all. Loving the pictures! Fiona xx
  2. It looks beautiful and page 26 is a real treat! :) I'm so happy to be included and just ordered 2 copies! Well done!
  3. Just received my copy of this book yesterday! Beautifully done.

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