Hope and feathers

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Co-parenting guru, psychotherapist, author and teacher, Alisa Jaffe Holleron needed a new way to reach separated / divorced parents looking for solutions to an often times difficult situation. Alisa needed her brand identity to communicate not only her expertise and success as a mediating counselor for divorced and separated families, but also that there is a great deal of hope for those families willing to work through the difficulties of co-parenting. As we are apt to do, we researched all manner of symbology associated with hope (aka we nerded-out on symbology for several hours) and collaborated with Alisa and her team on what resonated most with them. Ultimately, we chose the feather (Dickinson, anyone?), creating an asymmetrical design to represent the diverging personalities united as a single whole – a fine representation of the co-parenting paradigm if we say so, ourselves.

Alisa Jaffe Holleron Psychotherapist Brand Identity Design by Braizen

With these key pieces in place, we rounded out the design and content. Everything came together harmoniously, which we hope is the branding foreshadowing for how all of Alisa’s clients – past, present, and future – will work out. Be sure to scroll through all the work we completed for Alisa Jaffe Holleron and be sure to check out her work as she moves forward into this next phase of her business.Alisa Jaffe Holleron Brand Identity • Photo by Nicole QuirozAlisa Jaffe Holleron Psychotherapist Tagline, Pattern Design & Brand Identity by Braizen Co-Parent-Image-OnlineAlisa Jaffe Holleron Psychotherapist Logo Mark & Brand Identity Design Branding

To develop our color palette, we dug deeper into our symbology research, analyzing different associative color wheels to get ideas of how color translates into emotion (yes, our nerd game is that strong). Fun fact: associative color schemes date back to the earliest civilizations. I mean, we kind of figured that, but it really is amazing to see how far back humans have used color to … okay, sorry – getting carried away here. Back on topic, we went with an earthy, organic associative color wheel to bring in colors associated with warmth, peace, empathy, honesty, and the energy needed to employ those emotions in the process.

Alisa Jaffe Holleron Therapist Color Palette & Brand Identity Design by BraizenAlisa Jaffe Holleron Therapist, Author, Teacher Website Design & Business Card Design by BraizenAlisa Jaffe Holleron Brand TypographyAlisa Jaffe Holleron Branding & Postcard Design by BraizenAlisa Jaffe Holleron Therapist Brand Identity and Responsive Website Design

Ashley and the Braizen folks are amazing! They are extremely creative, professional, responsive, easy going, and just plain fun to work with. I couldn’t be more pleased with the work they did for me, both on branding and website design. I highly recommend them and would use them again in a heartbeat.

Alisa Jaffe Holleron

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  1. Looks FABULOUS. Really terrific and beautiful work.
    • Ashley
      Thanks so much Marge!

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