Happy Holidays

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Clark Sr.: “In years to come, you’ll want your children and your family to remember all the love you gave us, and how hard you tried to make the perfect Christmas.”
Clark: “I just…”
Clark Sr.: “You just cocked it up. It’s okay, it happens.”
Clark: “All our holidays were such a mess.”
Clark Sr.: “Oh yeah.”
Clark: “How did you get through it?”
Clark Sr.: “I had a lot of help from Jack Daniels.”

Let the eggnog flow, keep theĀ “weird” cousin away from your daughter, and try to remember that the whole season is about family, love, and togetherness. If that doesn’t work, take a tip from Clark Sr. and medicate accordingly.


The Braizen offices will be closed from December 23, 2015 until January 2, 2016. We’re putting another great year to bed and amping up for what’s to come. We have some pretty fandamntastic things in the works, so stay tuned. Until next year, keep it real, folks.

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