Go Team Red!

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It’s no joke that 2016 will go down as the “Year of No Chill” – even here at the Braizen Compound. We saw big changes, experienced growing pains, and a left behind a lot of empty rum bottles as we maneuvered our way through a year that netted us some pretty big losses culturally, politically, and personally.

But, it wasn’t a total shit show. We also experienced some fantastic moments. The cherry on top… this year marked the first time that Braizen’s core team was made up entirely of family! That’s right; team Braizen is now as thick as blood – our allegiances to one another run deep … it’s straight up Sopranos-level shit.

Another highlight had to be our every-other-year date with photographer and dear friend, Anne Simone. Anne has been shooting our team photos since we started this crazy journey almost six years ago. She’s the only person we trust to capture us as we are (as to whether or not that is a good idea, we will leave that to you to decide). We love Anne dearly and this year’s shoot was especially fun because we had a new puppy to play with … puppies make everything better.

As far as what’s in store for 2017? Well, we’d be happy if this year could back the fuck off on killing our heroes – that’d be sweet. Creatively, we can tell you that there are some new gadgets and projects in our Braizen offices that will make this year especially interesting. We, of course, are going to continue bringing our clients and fans the best of our abilities in branding and design work. Overall, we fully expect to face whatever this year throws our way with our own brand of sardonic wit, grace, and goofball-level nerdiness. We’re putting 2017 on notice … we’re Braizen and we’re here to rock!

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