Glorious Harvest

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While our work as designers is well-documented, our activities outside of the Braizen offices is not as well known. So, we’re changing that … like, now.  To start, we thought we’d head up to the farm with Tyrie and his labor of love at Glory Seeds, a 41-acre, non-profit, organic farm located in the Northeast Georgia Mountains. Tyrie and his partner, Elaina, came upon Glory Seeds during an evening jaunt through the mountain roads around Clayton, GA. Seeing the farm from the road, they decided to stop and see if they could get a tour. They got more than they bargained for, as Kim and Larry Jensen not only welcomed them to the farm, but also handed them each a newborn baby goat and a kitten to hold. Yes, it was a friggin’ cuteness overload. Since that day, Tyrie and Elaina have taken on a number of roles at Glory Seeds, including official beekeeper, part-time goat milker, fence mender and general handyman, animal groomer, cat feeder, weed block installer, harvester, goat wrangler, turkey wrangler, official donkey nose and ear scratcher, and many more.

Baby Goats & Kittens

Glory Seeds is more than just a farm (as if that wasn’t enough). Glory Seeds’ mission is raising awareness about nutrition and sustainable farming practices, enriching and empowering spiritual growth and faith in Christ, and growing food for needy families in the surrounding communities. 50% of the produce grown at Glory Seeds is donated to another project created by the Jensens, God’s Abundance. Through these two organizations, the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia, and numerous volunteers, Kim and Larry help to feed some 150 families in need every week.

Yes, they are incredible people doing incredible things – doing incredible things with not a lot of financial support. So much of what goes into making Glory Seeds work is Kim and Larry’s own money, the generosity of others through donation, numerous grants, and a whole lotta prayer. As such, we are beginning work on a little donation of our own – a rebrand of Glory Seeds and a new blogsite. Helping spread the word on their wonderful mission is the least we can do for two people so selfless and dedicated to helping others. So, stay tuned … and, if given the opportunity, hug a goat.


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