Following Katie’s Heart

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A large part of our process involves peaking into the subconscious of a client to find inspiration. We don’t design brands that follow trends; we design brands that follow hearts. So, it is important that our clients open up and think beyond “stuff that will make a good brand”. Instead, we ask clients to share art, words, colors, fashions – anything at all that excites and inspires them. The more information, the better. It gives us the opportunity to stand back, look at the larger picture, and see what patterns emerge.

And sometimes these little insights are experienced by the clients themselves. That’s what happened for photographer Katie Pegher. After a few weeks into the branding process, she noticed some patterns of her own – specifically, the reoccurrence of anchors in various places in her life. Mostly she kept finding the anchor/cross/heart design symbolizing the three Christian virtues of faith, hope, and love. They were everywhere from her decor to her wardrobe. It was clear that the symbol meant something substantial to her.

The added dimension is how well this design fits with Katie’s business and the message she wants to communicate to her clients. The ideas of family, love, community, and fellowship are exactly what Katie hoped to express through her brand. Furthermore, it’s an honest representation of a part Katie’s character and personality, which is important in any creative business because of the nature of the artist/client relationship. It was a perfect fit.

She knew it. We knew it. And now Katie has a new brand designed around her heart. That’s how we roll.

Oh em gee. How can I sum up the awesomeness that is Ashley Jankowski and the entire Braizen team? Are there really enough words? The right words?

Well – they took me on… someone who “loves it all” and peeled back the layers and nailed me. That ain’t easy folks. I’m all over the place. I love this… I love that… sometimes those things are harmonious… but often, they’re not. Ashley and staff – always cool under my schizophrenic pressure – pressed on throughout the process and made it one exciting adventure. I love design. I love type. I love color. I love paper. I knew that impressing me was going to be hard. And that’s why I hired Braizen. I knew that if anyone was up to the task – they were.

I loved every single minute of this. I loved hearing my inbox “ding” and I’d rush with schoolgirl anticipation as the latest round of creative mojo came loading onto my screen. What fun!

I cannot tell you how anxious I am to roll out my new brand. It’s like a small town girl suddenly owning a pair of Christian Louboutin’s and waiting for the right event to wear them. I’m so dang proud.

Thank you, thank you thank you guys! It’s going to be so so hard for me not to want to email you on a weekly basis!

I mean, I have a serious girl-crush on Ashley :) … don’t tell, K?

~Katie Pegher, Photographer

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  1. Oh, its beautiful!!! I love the color palette and especially love her patterns - that gray stripey one and the anchors!

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