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il·lu·mi·nate (iˈlo͞oməˌnāt/) verb. help to clarify or explain (a subject or matter). “a most illuminating discussion”

Learning is fun – at least that’s what Schoolhouse Rock taught us. This is the basis for the Ever Illuminated blog, which provides a resource for photographers to share and learn all kinds of tips for success. If this blog was a Schoolhouse Rock video, it would be “Three Is a Magic Number” – fun + learning + great design = 3 traits of awesome (and, yes, we prefer the Blind Melon version). The site features great articles with titles like “Photo Shoot Games”, “The Un-Centered Center of Interest”, or “5 Tips for a Successful Pet Session” (maybe we can figure out how to make Choo-Choo be one our French girls). The articles are written by some of the best in portrait photography, bringing their diverse experiences to the blog through informative, fun writing. It’s all about sharing and sharing is good in an industry as challenging as portrait photography. Additionally, the site features a shop full of products just for photography professionals – from printing products to templates to gear.

In developing the brand, we really wanted to focus on the fun aspect of the blog. We created a sunny, warm hand-drawn script matched with a clean font. The color palette is bright and inviting (you know, illuminated). Finally, we had a blast creating a series of illustrations and blog badges. The illustrations are a great fit for the website, helping visitors easily navigate the blog categories, while the badges are the perfect little digital medals of honor for posters who bring illuminating discussions to the blog (see what we did there *wink). In all, we created a brand and website as bright and fun as the photographers who come there to share and learn. It’s like the best classroom you could imagine for an online setting – it keeps learning fun and engaging thanks to some thoughtful branding and a whole lot of smart people bringing knowledge. Knowledge is power!

Ever Illuminated Branding and Logo Design by Braizen • Photo by Jenna Elliott

Above Photo by One Eleven Photography

Ever Illuminated Branding Icon Design and Tagline Development by BraizenEver Illuminated Branding and Pattern Design by BraizenEver Illuminated Ebook Design by BraizenEver Illuminated Portrait Photography Blog Website Design by BraizenEver Illuminated Portrait Photography Blog Category Page & Icon Design by Braizen Ever Illuminated Portrait Photography Blogsite Design by Braizen

The method they used to zero in on the perfect branding for Ever Illuminated was brilliant. When they unveiled the initial branding concept, I was in love. It was perfect! Then they methodically designed the website, which was also beautiful. I am so proud of my new website. I love all the thought, love, and artistry that Ashley and Walter brought to it. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly than I recommend Braizen.

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