Drum Roll Please… The New Studio Site

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From Ashley…

Our office is in a closet. I’m kidding, sort of. We’re in a 10×10 (bed)room in my house. It never seemed like I (we) would need more space when I began freelancing after college in 2006, but most creative types are pack rats, I’m not much different. After accumulating STUFF for 6+ years, adding people, books, desks, computers, art supplies, print samples, servers, routers … plus the dog at my feet and the cat on my keyboard … well, let’s just say we’re a little A LOT cramped. We seriously needed a new office. Here’s the thing though… I am somewhat of a homebody. I like working at home. I like being able to pop my head in my kitchen while my sister (and nanny) is feeding my toddler (Opie) lunch. I like having the freedom to work in my jammies ’til 3pm and check my email at midnight.

A year ago – the hubby and I decided it was time for something bigger. A YEAR of looking… can you imagine?! We thought it would be easy in the market… it’s a buyers market, right?! We wrote up several contracts on houses and properties that were less than perfect, but that we thought could work for our work and family lives…. nothing worked out (Everything happens for a reason)… Until a little over a month ago when we found 11 acres – 11 PERFECT acres! We closed on our land today. Our (Walter and I) Dad is a builder by trade and we’ll be breaking ground on our new house (with large dedicated studio space) in January 2012. Yay!! This is HUGE in furthering our future plans for our design divisions. Eek! We’re so flippin’ excited over here!!

Coming Spring-Summer 2012… Our house will sit on the little hit behind the pond.

This will be the view from our studio windows… you can kinda see our local lake beyond those trees.

I think this might be the perfect AM Yoga spot.

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  1. Kelly in Georgia
    Oh my goodness this is gorgeous and wonderfully exciting!!! That view is amazing! Best wishes for a dream filled new year. p.s. visited your site many many times and I think this is the first time i have commented. love what you guys do!
  2. Yay! Congrats!!!!
  3. Monica
    I am so excited for you and I don't even know why!! I just love to see a dream manifest into something real. I need to start dreaming bigger I think. Congratulations on your success!!

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