Do More. Count Less.

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Numbers are hard, and you may not consider accounting and bookkeeping an exciting endeavor, but Brittany Turner and her team at Countless are bringing a bit of fun and punk rock attitudes to the industry. Countless is a badass, feminist accounting firm for creatives and deserved the branding to match. A creative entrepreneur brand that is equal parts edgy, clever, competent, and cool — shaken not stirred.For our team, working with Brittany and Countless gave us the chance to test our definition of “creative”. While accounting services may not immediately scream “creative”, the minds behind the business and their approach to their industry certainly can. Developing a brand strategy and design aesthetic for Countless was largely driven by the no holds, energetic passion Brittany has for what she does and how she does it. We were also inspired by Brittany’s decidedly empowered female perspective. Everything from the color palette to the doodle inspired illustrations was created to emphasize Brittany’s infectious personality that we’ve come to love.

Where street smarts meet book smarts. Born out of Brittany’s desire to create an accounting services firm that’s personable and accessible to small business, Countless offers a broad spectrum of accounting and back-of-office services. From payroll to taxes to bookkeeping, Countless provides essential accounting services to give small businesses a big-business edge in a variety of industries. Additionally, Brittany and the tribe at Countless lend their business know-how to help new companies get off the ground and can then serve as a virtual CFO to better ensure continued success and growth.

If your small business brand is in need of some financial wizardry we highly recommend you give them a holler so you can do more and count less.

This is so good, I can’t even stand it! WTF. I am sorry, I just don’t understand how this is even so perfect. Ugh. This shit is on motherfucking point. Holy shit. Designers? Sure. Mind readers? Fo sho.

Brittany Turner

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  1. We just holl'red at Countless, hoping they can help us with their accounting wizardry. The beauty of their website gets us right at the core. Great language and implementation, Braizen!

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