Those Awkward Years: Developing a Unique Brand Identity

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Developing your unique brand is a lot like going through puberty. You start out super awkward, your voice cracks incessantly, your limbs seem too long, your parents get you braces, and you can’t control the onslaught of acne, but, eventually, you start to level out. Your face clears up. Your voice calms down. And you begin to come into your own. Instead of trying to fit in, you realize that you have to stand out. Yeah, the cool kids are putting a bird on it, but is that really you? You’re ready to be your true self and step away from crowd.

This is where Braizen steps in. We’re here to help coach you through your awkward transition. Think of us as like a big brother or sister, but with better advice (and we’re able to buy alcohol legally). So, without further adieu, we’d like to introduce you to a little something we like to call The Four V’s.

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Visuals. This is the first thing anyone is going to notice about your brand. Whether you are web-based or in a brick and mortar, this is what catches the eye of a potential client first and foremost. For you web-based folks, it’s all about that landing page. If your bounce rate is through the roof, consider what it is that people are seeing as soon as they land on your website. Is it visually attractive? Is it clear what your business or brand can do for them? For you brick and mortar folks, are you getting people to not only walk into your store, but also walk out with a purchase? Take a look at your packaging. Is it attractive? Is it practical? Is the design simple and not as if you’re trying too hard? These are just a few of the of aspects to think about.

Voice. Who is your audience and how can you connect with them? Take a good hard look at who it is you’re trying to reach and how you can adjust your own brand-personality to meet theirs. Ever wonder why kids always rush to the gummy snacks at the grocery store or ask their parent for that cool new toy they saw on TV? The marketing for those products was geared towards them, not their parents. Whether your audience is teenagers, senior citizens, or the nerdy guy locked up in his basement playing video games, once you’ve hooked them with visuals, you will only begin to earn their trust after you’ve started the actual conversation with them.

Variety. Remaining current and keeping your content fresh will help to nurture the longevity of your business relationship. It’s just like how folks need to “spice” things up in the bedroom – it can get mundane. Same old same old. And no one likes that. Do your research, see how trends are changing, and adjust your sails as necessary. If you ignore this advice, chances are some of your sailors will start to jump ship.

Valiance. Wait, what does that even mean? It means to be brave and take risks! Any good brand or business never got far by playing it safe in their old ways. There could be any number of reasons why you want to refresh your brand or try a new direction. Perhaps you’ve lost some of your client base. Maybe you’ve merged with another company. Or, maybe you are just feeling outdated and are ready for a makeover (we LOVE brand makeovers!). Whatever your reason, we encourage you to go there.

Aside from The Four V’s, what advice would you have for making your brand truly stand out above the rest? Leave your feedback in the comments, and as the wise saying goes, go forth and conquer, and kick ass while doing it (ok, we might have adjusted this quote a bit, but you get it)!

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