Dark & Stormy

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People often ask us, “Braizen, how do you stay so loose and yet so relevant?” Well, actually, no one asks us that, but if they did we would tell them about the Official Beverage of the Braizen Cocktail Hour: The Dark and Stormy.

Braizen's Signature Drink, The Dark & Stormy

Imagine something between the nectar of the gods and a breezy spring day in beverage form, and you’d have The Dark and Stormy. For our particular twist on this libation, we use Rhum Barbancourt, 5-Star (aged Haitian rum), Gosling’s Ginger Beer, and fresh lime. It is the perfect way to liven up any Friday (or Tuesday) at the office.

1 part Rhum Barbancout 5-star
2 parts Gosling’s Ginger Beer
1 lime wedge

Fill high ball glass (or Ball Mason Jar if you’re in the south) with ice. Squeeze lime wedge over ice, drop into the glass. Add rum. Add ginger beer. Stir three times counter-clockwise, one time clockwise, then look at yourself in the mirror and wink. Enjoy.


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  1. Dark & Stormy's are a regular in our house! A benefit of having a former-bartender as a husband :)

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