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Ok, we suck. We’re sorry. We’ve been so bad about blogging lately, it really is just awful. But, not to make excuses, we DO have good reason … pinkie swear, cross our sweet little hearts we do. Not only have we been slammed with rad new projects (oh, yes), but we’ve also been working on a new, fandamntactic Braizen website complete with all new content.

Do y’all know how hard it is to 1. design for yourself (we’re our own worst critics) and 2. write all new content and photograph/edit all new work (Tyrie may cut somebody). Let’s not even mention picking what gets featured on the site in the first place. Well, of course you understand because you’re cool and creative and you get us! Thanks for being so awesome.

If you follow us on Instagram you’ve probably seen a fraction of all the new goodness, but if you haven’t then here’s a little sneak peek of a few of our featured clients…

Mōzell Films Branding and Letterhead Design by BRAIZEN

Tiffani Thiessen Branding by BRAIZENPenny James Jewelry Co. Branding and Stationery by BRAIZENManuela Bertol CD / DVD Case by BRAIZENFinding Home Branding & Business Cards by BRAIZENAE Outdoor Branding & Business Cards by Braizen

Photography & styling by our good friend (and past office manager) Alicja Colon.

Stay tuned, lovelies …

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