Client Spotlight: Pillar & Pen

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This lovely couple came our way via our old standby referral source: The Google. We are eternally grateful to him (her? them?) for sending rad clients our way. Meg and Alvaro are a design and build dream team hailing from the mean streets of Westchester, New York.

When their inquiry landed in our Braizen inbox, we were excited to get a chance to work with them (for various reasons) but it’s always a treat when creatives get to work with creatives. Sure- this can also end in a fiery train wreck due to an overload of creativity- but life is all about risks, right? And besides, that definitely didn’t happen this time.

We were pleased to play a (small) role in helping Meg and Alvaro come up with their business name. They decided on Pillar & Pen as they felt it best represented their personalities and roles in the business. Alvaro is the ‘pillar’, the builder, the maker. Meg is the ‘pen’, the artist, the designer. And together- they are pretty much magical. Need to see for yourself? Check out the images below or visit the official Pillar & Pen site here.

Aside from helping them with their business name, we also pulled out all the stops with our “whole shebang” package. No- that’s not a real thing, but it sounds good, right? Meg and Alvaro enlisted us to assist with Branding, Collateral and Responsive Website Design. The design process was truly a breeze because 1) Meg is out-of-this world talented. 2) Both Meg and Alvaro are stellar communicators. 3) Their portfolio gave us gorgeous photos to work with and be inspired by.

We got great feedback from this duo throughout the project, which always helps to produce the best product. I mean, we love everything we put out (naturally and with slight smugness) but, in the end, all that matters is that the CLIENT loves it.

Meg and Alvaro – thanks for letting us help you launch Pillar & Pen! Here’s to many more years of success and many more homes designed and built. Cheers!

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