Branding: Why It’s So F*cking Important, Anyway.

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Branding. We’ve all heard the word. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably tried your hand at creating the perfect brand for your business yourself. You know it’s important. But it’s hard to sum up why.

There are [what seems like] a million reasons why a solid branding is the key to making your business successful. We could go on for days, but we’ve got bad ass branding to create for our clients, so we ain’t got no time for that! 

Instead, below are our top 3 reasons why you should make good branding your top priority.

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No. 1

We’ll start with the most obvious one. Solid branding gives your business an Identity. It makes you more than just a program or a product or a storefront. It gives you personality. It makes you unique. This is important for a few reasons.

First, it helps you stake your claim in the small business world. With a unique brand, you stand out against your lame competition. Ok, lame is maybe a bit harsh, but the small business world is cut-throat so suck it up, buttercup! Second, with enough time, relationship building and identity, your brand can become a buzzword. We’ll give you a whopper of an example: Google. Google came on the scene in the late nineties but in 2017 their brand has literally become a verb. And if being a verb doesn’t scream success, we’re not sure what does. Last, but not least, a brand identity is important because it makes your business recognizable and memorable. Your colors, logo, typography, and voice – these are all an essential part to your brand’s identity and helping to make you memorable. And when your clients remember you, they are more likely to buy from you or refer others to do just that.

No. 2

Ok, moving on. After you’ve developed your identity and begun your slow takeover of the small business world (muahaha), Trust comes in. Trust is where it’s at, yo. Customers like you, you like them… it’s the most beautiful symbiotic relationship to exist (don’t worry, we won’t tell your spouse). When your relationship is symbiotic it nurtures a level of trust that keeps your clients coming back for more. You are doing something for them that someone else can’t. You become irresistible in their eyes. They tell everyone about you and why they can’t live without you. All because of trust.

Is it getting hot in here or is it just us?

No. 3

Last on our list of why branding is so mucho importante — Inspiration. You’ve created your identity. You have this brand that sets itself apart from the rest and it’s actually starting to become really successful. Then, all of a sudden, there is a new kid on Instagram who thinks he’s stronger, smarter and more good-looking than you, and he tries to pop your puffed up confidence balloon.

Shitty, amirite?

Not really. In the branding world, inspiration creates competition, and competition creates self-improvement. This keeps your brand from getting cozy and comfortable in the marketplace. You’ll have a choice to sink or swim and hopefully, you choose the latter. That’s what the creative industry needs more of. More inspiration to create, and more competition to push your own brand forward and to keep going growing.

I think we speak for everyone here when we say we are continuously working to perfect the art of creating kick-ass branding. It’s a complex creature and may never really be tamed, but dammit if we don’t die tryin’!

Why else do you think branding is important? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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