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As many of you know, the Braizen branding process hinges on reciprocity. The collaborative nature of our work is one of the things that makes our jobs so much fun. We knew, right from the start, that we needed to find an efficient means of staying in constant contact with our clients. It’s for this reason that we chose Minigroup as THE collaborative tool to use with our clients.

Over the past year, the guys at Minigroup, Chris, Jon, and Sheldon, have been like partners with us at Braizen. Their amazing interface and continued improvements have kept us and our clients working in beautiful harmony. So, when the Minigroup crew invited us to be featured in a case study on their amazing networking tool, we were beyond ecstatic. LOOK! We’re even on their homepage!!

Assisted by local filmmaker Dan Almasy (husband to the lovely Anne Almasy, who just shot our new company photos), our friends at Minigroup created this little film piece to give us a chance to talk about how much we love to use their service. In addition, they put together a nice case study page that features screenshots of how we use Minigroup in our process. Overall, the experience was just the kind of project we love – one built on creative collaboration. Our relationship with the fellas from the Great White North (yep, they’re Canadian) has been amazing and we are looking forward to the coming year.

Customer spotlight: Braizen from Minigroup on Vimeo.

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  1. Monica
    Wow! You guys amaze me everyday! And you're famous :)
  2. Thanks for the post, and thanks for opening your (virtual) doors to us. It was very enlightening to get to know how you work and how you use Minigroup.

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