Wait, are we seriously out of rum again? Didn’t we just buy some? Why can’t we keep rum in this house?



Our founders are, quite literally, family. Braizen is the collaboration of a pair of siblings and their balding cousin. With three generations of small business owners in the family, entrepreneurship is just in our blood. We work in a Little House on the Prairie. For real. We aren’t some big city agency with a grandiose complex; in many ways, we’re just like our clients – especially if those clients live and work on an 11-acre complex full of kids, dogs, cats, geese, and a full bar. Don’t you wanna join our family!  


After years of working for ill-matched clients, our trio took drastic measures and decided to become a tad bit more… cheeky. We’re a small design firm with big attitudes. Since our decision to become more than just indifferent designers, we’ve drawn in more like-minded clients and we’ve been partying ever since. We work hard and play hard and involve our clients in that philosophy. We’re nerdy to a fault, frank in our conversations, and, no matter what, we never, ever blink … because we don’t want to be blasted through time by creepy statues.


As much as we love to have fun and take time on Fridays for lunch shots, we are here to create dynamic brands for our clients … so that they can one day take time on Fridays for lunch shots. We guarantee fun times and strive to deliver great work efficiently and on schedule. We promise to push clients outside of their comfort zones and into the realm where ninjas ride unicorns and 42 is the answer. We’re your design crew, your creative posse – we will flat-out smoke fools to create the branding you need. Promise.

Meet The Family

Ashley Jankowski


Ashley is our design ninja. After apprenticing under the tutelage of Shaolin monks, she earned degrees in photography and graphic design, which makes her creative AND sneaky – a deadly combination for sure. Ashley is the meat and potatoes of this organization. She has earned numerous accolades from the likes of How magazine, Logo Lounge, and is always willing to share her know-how with others to help them get the most from their branding and their businesses.  She currently resides on an 11-acre estate that doubles as our office fortress. When not creating stealthily innovative designs, Ashley can be found honing her ninja skills at the gym, holding deep conversations with her son, Opie, or planning world domination with her husband, Paul.


Walter Cochran


Yes, it is hard being that handsome. Most days, we don’t know how he even makes it into work looking that good. But, Walter Cochran is more than a handsome face and chiseled physique – he’s a handsome face and chiseled physique who is one of most talented designers around. His illustrations and design work keep potential clients drooling over our portfolio. He is the design chops of this rag-tag rabble of weirdoes and brings a fresh (and incredibly handsome) perspective to each and every project. He lives in a renovated barn in the mountains with his dog, makes furniture by hand, and enjoys days on the lake. No, that’s not an Old Spice commercial, that’s his life. He’s also Ashley’s brother, which makes him at least half-immortal or something.

Tyrie Smith


As the senior member of Braizen, it’s only natural that he’s going bald; just don’t bring it up when you meet him and try not to stare. Tyrie is also the most educated of the bunch (he holds a Ph.D. in Folklore), but he’d never be so pretentious as to mention that … certainly not in the bio that he’s writing for himself. He serves as copywriter and brand consultant and is really good at getting people to discover the enlightenment that resides within their own lives and experiences. That’s some deep shit, right there. He’s entirely too inspired by Terry Pratchett novels and John Hughes films, and resides atop a social justice/food security soapbox. Tyrie also lives in the mountains, but doesn’t make anything or even have a dog. He does have a delightful son, a beautiful life crush, and a herd of cats. So, he’s got that going for him, which is nice.


AnneMarie Simmons


One day we will run out of talented designers in our family, but that day has yet to come. Yes, the Braizen family is a damn designer mill – we breed these things like it’s our job. We snatched up our cousin, AnneMarie right out of her BFA in Studio Art, dressed her in red Vans hi-tops, and gave her an iPad Pro. She now crafts badass fonts and flatlay product shoots and is the lead designer for our sister company, Swoone. AnneMarie (one word, not two – don’t make her cut you) is our sweet younger cousin and the newest member of our Braizen family. She loves corgis and her German Shepherd, Chipper, and has an affinity for sloths. You can find her combing the record stores for new vinyl or binge-ing Parks and Rec with her beau.


Kallie Owens


You know what’s better than one young, talented, full-of-energy 20-something in your office? Two. We decided it was time for some fresh blood around here so…. introducing Kallie Owens, the newest member of our band and definitely worth her weight in mojito’s. We’ve deviated slightly from our employee handbook as she’s not technically family, but as AnneMarie’s bestie, she’s as good as family. She’s our wrangler of projects, photog assistant, resident bartender and professional hat wearer. What we love is that she’s super organized and can take a bite from a baby alligator like a champ (true story)! She also loves coffee (handy for all those self induced hangovers), has a cat named Captain Jack Shemar Vader Sparrow, and has an unhealthy obsession with Abraham Lincoln. Kallie has a pretty cool background in museum curation too and even worked as a park ranger for a year. She’s definitely in our tribe.

Melissa J. Clark


Melissa Clark is our Canadian sister from another, erm, Canadian mother. She is the mistress of ceremonies for all of our web programming needs and is just the sweetest person … no, really, that whole Canadian hospitality thing is VERY real. We mean, it’s like Minnesota nice, but times 1000. Her website development skills are downright mythical – it’s as though she possesses all the power of unicorns, wizards, and the greatness of Canadian hockey and channels that magic into her coding.  When she’s not developing badass websites, Melissa enjoys jet-setting around the globe with her friends (which is just more proof that Canadians are really just North American Europeans … I mean, who the hell “jet sets” from these parts).

Kelly Carnes


Pulled from bustling midtown Atlanta arts district, Kelly Carnes brings a most-impressive resume, mad illustration skills, and a healthy obsession with The Golden Girls. After graduating with her BFA in graphic design from the University of Georgia, Kelly worked with some pretty fantastic design firms not called Braizen. Her interest in design first reared its crazy head when she was just a youngling and dreamed of illustrating children’s books – something she leveraged to convince her parents to buy her a computer at age 6. Aside from being a design badass, Kelly enjoys rocking out to Scandinavian death metal with her cat, Deacon, her boyfriend, and his standard poodle, Oliver. Yes, there’s a Secret Life of Pets joke in there somewhere, but who’s got the time for that.

Hannah Hanlon


From the tough design streets of Massachusetts, Hannah Hanlon’s skill set goes far beyond p-AH-king c-AHs in yAHds. No, she actually doesn’t sound like Matt Damon in  Good Will Hunting,  but she did do musical theater with Captain America, which is infinitely cooler.  Hannah earned her BFA in graphic design from Boston University and trained at the prestigious Portfolio Center. Hannah and her husband are raising two dogs, Goose and Truman (suggesting a strange love of both  Top Gun greatest wingman AND our 33rd president), as well as a precocious, art-loving child named Tucker. Between the dogs and her son, Hannah gets ample opportunity to pursue her real love of crafting puns, rhymes, and dad jokes. She’s also a triathlete, which is in keeping with Braizen’s whole superhuman requirement.






In a word, Chester is a baller. No really, he LOVES tennis balls. More than life itself. We’re a little concerned about him, but he’s working through his issues with a trained professional. Chester is an orange Brittany with more energy than a Red Bull taste tester. When he’s not obsessing over balls, you can find him running marathons with the local deer, swimming in the lake or bird watching.


Winne is the newest member of the Braizen puppy power ranger team. She’s a liver-colored Brittany with a heart of gold and she’s always ready for a random snuggle session. Winnie is a wanderer to her core and loves relaxing walks on the beach and adventurous treks in the woods. On her downtime you can find her snacking on rawhide in the shade or bossing around her other half, Chester.


As senior office pu$$y, Cashew gets a lot of perks. She lays where she wants, gets anything she asks for, and sneezes on whoever or whatever she damn well pleases. To say she has sinus issues is an understatement. She’s the queen of this castle and, frankly, we need her to keep these other furballs in line. She’s so pimp she gets red claw covers and kitty back rubs. We love her, but she only has eyes for Ashley.


We have a polydactyl cat because it’s a polydactyl cat. Do we really need any other reason? It’s a cat with opposable thumbs, which is kind of terrifying. For now, Hemi is in his teenage Emo phase which means he’s basically a meolodramatic 17-year-old who likes dark places and dying his hair black. But, he lets Ashley’s son carry him around like a handbag, so we overlook his disdain for the rest of us.



  • The team at Braizen had my best interests at heart. They had my heart in their heads and by some form of magic they managed to get my head onto paper.

    Catherine Pound
  • Braizen challenges you, excites you and takes so many necessary steps to create timeless and practical marketing tools for your business. 

    Lee Morton • Clickspark
  • They aren’t just a talented, brilliant graphic design firm, they are branding experts.  I am so thankful and proud to be a part of the Braizen family!

    Jenna Elliott • One Eleven Photography
  • Working behind the scenes with them was very easy and organized. They did an amazing job, on a schedule, with no surprises. And we had fun doing it.

    Jill Smith
  • I absolutely adored working with the team at Braizen. Besides the end results, the area that I was most impressed with was their eagerness to get to know me and my work.

    Jenny Romanski • Hello Little One
  • The care and attention they gave me, made me feel like I was a million bucks. Heck, I felt like I had already “made it” because I was able to have THEM do my branding.

    Aliza Stein McDill • A Freaking Great Co.
  • Their design sense is outstanding and their customer service far exceeded my expectations. Even more, they make the whole process really fun! I cannot recommend them highly enough.

    Brenda Gesell • Gesell Psychotherapy
  • Everything looks so perfect! I can’t believe we got it so quickly! It really encompasses everything that we were hoping for! I haven’t been this EXCITED about my business in a long time!

    Tami Garber • Tami & Ryan





We go out for drinks, talk business, and get to know each on a deeper level. 



We work to explain your brand visually by defining words with pictures.



We put pen to paper and get busy bringing our collaborative vision to life.



We refine and tweak our kickass ideas. A nip here and a tuck there.



We prepare final deliverables and get ready to tell the world.












Ready to join the family? Give us a holler today!