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Jill Smith is amazing. She is incredibly talented, genuinely sweet and kind, and just one of our favorite people in the whole, wide, big damn ‘verse. We have been working with this incredible designer and letterer for over a year and we are finally, happily able to show off her amazing brand as it was intended. Jill recently sent over some images of the various pieces of collateral she has been ordering over the past several months (the lovely photographs courtesy of Brooke Schwab). We are blown away by how amazing everything turned out. As our brands are often strong reflections of the wonderful people we work with, it should be no surprise that Jill Smith’s brand has translated so beautifully to a number of different mediums. Check out these beauties and then read Jill’s too-kind words about her experience with Braizen.

Edited to add: Wrapping Paper printed by Spoonflower, Notecards and Business cards printing by Moo using Luxe letterhead which was then trimmed and hand sewn onto the Luxe Business cards.


“I had been dragging my feet on entering the social media/blogging world for a few years. Truth is I am not great at sharing my world. I can be pretty private. I am great at sharing with my friends, like the ones who I have their phone numbers and I visit their homes and snuggle their kids.  But outside of that, even to facebook ‘friends’, I just hardly could do it.  So trying to put myself out there in a big-world-website-kinda way kept getting pushed lower and lower on my to-do list.  That, and being a designer myself, I wanted it to look really good. So I found myself at a complete standstill.

Enter Braizen.

I’m finding it a bit tough to write a testimonial that speaks highly enough about how pleased I am with Braizen. I’m so incredibly happy with my re-branding and website. They created something so sound, so witty, so different from everything already out there, and so perfect for me. They completely captured me and my aesthetic.  Narwhals and Rhinos!  Rainbow raindrops! Incorporating my handwriting!  Oh yes, thank you.  And that is just the end result. Working behind the scenes with them was very easy and organized.  They did an amazing job, on a schedule, with no surprises.  And we had fun doing it.  They are both professional and personal and not afraid to share their true opinions. They helped me personally find a way to put my business out there and just enough of myself out there too. I couldn’t be happier. And dare I say proud. I smile like a complete idiot whenever I look at my site. I am so grateful that I found them!”        ~ Jill Smith

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  1. All of this looks a-may-zing. And I love Jill Smith more than you do. Infinity. Infinity plus one. Go Braizen -- you guys seriously rock!

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